Personal Experience Matters
Home Care Services is uniquely prepared to offer respite and the most compassionate professional home care possible. For our own family, as well as families like yours, we have provided many years of accredited acute and long-term care.
Flexible Interim Care
We're ready to provide last minute and interim home care if your usual provider is unavailable, or if short-term solutions have run out. Perhaps you are simply not one hundred percent pleased with the service you are currently receiving, or your current home care agency does not or cannot cover all of the hours that you are authorized. At HCSRI, we offer rates that are competitive and dedication that's unmatched.
Home Care Services of Rhode Island understands that caring for a family member who may have a temporary but acute illness can be hard on families and disruptive to routines. Even more challenging is taking responsibility for an elder, chronically ill or profoundly handicapped child or adult. In spite of the difficulties, we want our loved ones to be at home where they can heal and thrive and be part of family life. HCSRI is here to help make that happen.
Handling the Details
At Home Care Services, we coordinate with case workers, government programs and insurance contractors to be sure you receive the hours and level of help that you are due. You may not be sure if you need skilled nursing, a certified nurse assistant (CNA), or light homemaking services. You may wonder how long and how often services can be provided and who handles the cost.
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Who We Serve
From Pediatric to Geriatric, Home Care Services of Rhode Island is able to provide a high level of care for your loved ones. Learn more about the people that we serve and the little things that we do that separate us from the rest.
Long Term Care Services
Long term care with Home Care Services of Rhode Island is only made possible through our talented staff of nurses and CNAs who can help address the challenges of daily living. Learn more about our services here.
Employment Opportunities
Home Care Services of Rhode Island is looking to add to our staff of talented and caring individuals. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, click here for our employment application.
The percentage of Covid-19 fully vaccinated employees 71% and the percentage of partially vaccinated employees 7% as of August 31, 2021.
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